Yes, it’s possible to electrify a home on just 100 amps

Yes, it’s possible to electrify a home on just 100 amps
Canary Media

Whether to upgrade electrical service is a question that an estimated 48 million U.S. homeowners who have panels below 200 amps could eventually face. And because service upgrades can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $30,000 and take two months to two years, according to California-based all-electric home developer Redwood Energy, they can snarl decarbonization budgets and timelines.

But a growing number of experts are encouraging homeowners and electricians to question the assumption that homes with less than 200 amps need electrical-service upgrades in order to fully electrify. Indeed, California utilities Pacific Gas & Electric, Sacramento Municipal Utility District and Peninsula Clean Energy have found that required service upgrades are often the exception, rather than the rule.

Peninsula Clean Energy has found that across more than 100,000 single-family homes it analyzed in its service territory, 99 percent of both gas-using and all-electric homes never draw more than 100 amps of electric current all year. More than 80 percent of homes never pull more than 40 amps.

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