Valley Clean Energy’s Board commits to goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030 as it celebrates 5 years of service.

Valley Clean Energy’s Board commits to goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030 as it celebrates 5 years of service.

VCE makes a tremendous impact for climate and customers in Yolo County during its first five years of operations.

Valley Clean Energy (VCE) provides electric generation services to over 125,000 customers in Woodland, Winters, Davis, and Yolo County. As VCE celebrates its fifth year of service, its Board of Directors has set an ambitious goal of ensuring that 100% of the electricity used by customers comes from renewable, carbon-free sources by 2030, while keeping rates affordable for customers. This goal far exceeds state mandates as well as goals set by PG&E for clean energy. VCE focuses on procuring from local renewable sources whenever financially feasible, creating job opportunities and driving economic growth for the region.

In carrying out its mission to supply clean, cost-competitive electricity, Valley Clean Energy has helped produce over $7 million dollars in local economic impacts in its first 5 years. This positive impact comes in the form of customer savings, customer programs, and renewable energy workforce training. In addition, jobs have been created through VCE’s procurement of local renewable and energy storage projects. “There is a revolution happening in California, and we’re only getting started,” said Valley Clean Energy’s Board Chair and Woodland City Councilmember Tom Stallard. “The commitment of our customers and community partners has been remarkable, and together we will continue to drive the clean energy transition forward – I can’t wait to see what we’re able to accomplish in the next 5 years together.”

As Valley Clean Energy marks this important 5-year milestone, it is already being recognized by state and national officials for its innovative efforts in clean electricity, agricultural irrigation automation, and electric vehicle incentives.

At VCE’s recent 5-year Anniversary Celebration, Congressman Mike Thompson (CA – 4th District), who represents VCE’s service territory, emphasized the importance of VCE’s efforts, saying, “It’s important that everybody recognizes this because we’re all going to benefit.”

In its first five years, VCE has demonstrated its commitment to providing value to the customers and communities it serves by maintaining cost-competitive rates while reducing emissions and improving grid reliability through innovative programs. Examples of these efforts include additional bill discounts for low-income customers on the state-funded CARE and FERA programs, market-based price incentives for Yolo County farmers to shift their energy use to more favorable times of the day, incentives for VCE customers to purchase electric vehicles, and working with local contractors to promote electric heat pumps and other important carbon reduction initiatives.

Valley Clean Energy remains dedicated to its mission of providing clean, reliable, and affordable electricity to the residents and businesses of Yolo County. Through its continued investments in customer programs, renewable energy, battery storage and innovative rate-setting, VCE is leading the way in making our communities more resilient and sustainable, while maintaining cost-competitive rates for customers.

About Valley Clean Energy

Valley Clean Energy – or VCE – is the official public electricity provider for residential and commercial customers in the cities of Woodland, Winters, and Davis, and unincorporated Yolo County. We are a not-for-profit public agency, which means that we are working 100% for our customers. VCE offers a choice in electricity suppliers and keeps program control and revenues right here at home, where we can create jobs and build local clean energy installations. VCE reinvests dollars to boost our local economy while taking control of our clean energy future. More information is available at