This Summer, 7,000 Sonoma Clean Power Customers Will Help Reduce Demand on California Grid 


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This Summer, 7,000 Sonoma Clean Power Customers Will Help Reduce Demand on California Grid 

SCP customers earn rewards for decreasing energy usage when demand for electricity is high.

SANTA ROSA, CALIF., July 18, 2023 – Sonoma Clean Power (SCP), the Community Choice Aggregator serving Sonoma and Mendocino counties in Northern California, recently launched a new offering for its residential customers aimed at reducing strain on the state’s electric grid and encouraging mindful energy habits at home.

To earn rewards, it’s as easy as signing up for GridSavvy Rewards and saving energy when SCP sends a notification. Similar to “Flex Alerts” issued by California’s Independent System Operator, SCP calls energy-saving events when the grid is stressed due to severe weather events and other instances.

Customers earn $2 for every kilowatt-hour saved during each event, which is about how much electricity it takes to run one dishwasher cycle. There are no penalties for not reducing energy usage, only rewards when they do.

Unlike most residential demand-response programs, no smart devices other than a standard PG&E installed SmartMeter™ are needed to participate, and the approach for reducing energy is left completely up to the household.

By rewarding behavioral shifts that have both long-term financial and climate benefits, GridSavvy Rewards underscores the impact everyone can have on the electric grid.

“I am not the most technologically tuned-in person, but GridSavvy is easy to use and helps me to remember when flex alerts are occurring,” said SCP customer Mary Hawkins. “I rarely receive Alerts but when I do, I don’t feel it negatively impacts my life at all. I find GridSavvy helps me to be more aware of my energy usage during peak times and maybe hold off on doing laundry or running the dishwasher. Making these small changes last summer resulted in a check for almost $50.”

To date, over 7,000 SCP customers have signed up for GridSavvy Rewards with the number growing each week. With the help of these customers, the potential load that SCP can offset from the grid during impacted summer days is anticipated to reach 2 megawatts.

Energy-saving events can last one to four hours, typically between the hours of 4 pm to 9 pm (when demand peaks) and may occur a few times monthly. Customers receive notification up to 24 hours in advance via text, voice call, or email when there is an opportunity to save energy and earn rewards.

Customers can choose to redeem their rewards with a check mailed to them at the end of the 2023 Event season (May – October), or they can donate their rewards directly to one of SCP’s local community partners: Mendocino Land Trust, Conservation Works, The Climate Center, and the Career Technical Education (CTE) Foundation of Sonoma County.

For customers with smart thermostats or electric vehicle chargers, SCP offers the opportunity to connect their devices and earn additional incentives each month for allowing the agency to automatically adjust the devices to consume less energy during energy-saving events.

SCP customers can enroll in GridSavvy Rewards Alerts and learn more by visiting or calling 1 (855) 202-2139.


About Sonoma Clean Power

Sonoma Clean Power is the public power provider for Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. In downtown Santa Rosa, SCP operates the only Advanced Energy Center in the United States dedicated to helping customers transition to 100% renewable energy for their homes, businesses, and vehicles. SCP is also the only power provider in California offering 100% renewable and locally generated electricity twenty-four hours per day, every day of the year. To learn more, visit or call 1 (855) 202-2139.