This breakthrough could unlock the market for next-generation geothermal


Startup Fervo Energy just made hot-rock history. The company says it is the first to demonstrate that an enhanced geothermal system can reliably produce electricity.

Fervo’s full-scale commercial pilot, Project Red in northern Nevada, passed its production test phase — a 30-day well test standard for geothermal energy resources. The company reported that its system achieved a flow rate of 63 liters per second at high temperatures, conditions that would generate 3.5 megawatts of electricity production — enough energy to power roughly 2,500 homes. According to the company, these results set a record for flow and power output for an enhanced geothermal system. Unlike conventional geothermal resources, enhanced geothermal technologies create new fissures to coax energy out of hot rocks.

Organizations with 24/7 carbon free energy and decarbonization commitments have an opportunity to be early adopters of these technologies. Some have already taken the plunge with Fervo, including Google and East Bay Community Energy, a community choice aggregator in California.

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