The big switch: More than 700,000 electric customers begin moving from SDG&E to a community energy program

The San Diego Union-Tribune

By the time the community choice energy program called San Diego Community Power, or SDCP, completes its massive rollout, more than 700,000 residential customer accounts will see SDCP determining what kind of power purchase contracts are made for those five cities instead of San Diego Gas & Electric.

Customers are automatically enrolled in what SDCP calls its PowerOn program that features 50 percent of the electricity coming from renewable and 5 percent from greenhouse-gas-free sources. By comparison, SDG&E’s default program for most of its residential customers comes to about 31 percent renewable sources.

For those who want a smaller carbon footprint and pay a little more each month, SDCP also offers its Power100 program, where the content pencils out to 100 percent carbon-free. According to SDCP’s most recent numbers, Power100 is 2 to 3 percent more expensive than the PowerOn default program.

By the way, SDG&E offers its own 100 percent clean-energy option called EcoChoice but its costs have spiked in recent months and the utility is petitioning the California Public Utilities Commission to suspend the program.

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