Stockton’s best move of 2022?


Stockton’s Council unanimously voted in September to dump PG&E and get power from a new animal: a “Community Choice Aggregator” called East Bay Community Energy Authority (EBCE).

The deal with the Oakland-based public power agency, which kicks in in 2024, has three salient benefits. Your power will probably be a tad cheaper; significantly greener; and it’s not PG&E.

A study by an Oakland energy consultant found EBCE’s Stockton rates will match PG&E’s or be up to 3% cheaper. Stockton has almost 100,000 households. If the average Stocktonian pays $1,000 a year for electricity, a 3% discount is $30 per person per year.

As a benefit, the investment in the Stockton community may surpass the lower rates. EBCE is nonprofit. Unlike PG&E, it pays no dividends to shareholders. It can therefore invest profits in communities. And it does.

Stockton, for instance, lags other cities in clean-energy infrastructure. EBCE plans to help bring Stockton up to speed.

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