Statewide Incentives for Energy Storage: Humboldt County Homes and Businesses are Signing Up for No- or Low-Cost Battery Systems


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Statewide Incentives for Energy Storage

Humboldt County Homes and Businesses are Signing Up for No- or Low-Cost Battery Systems

Eureka, CA – Sept. 3, 2020.  Redwood Coast Energy Authority encourages our customers to take advantage of rebates available for a limited time for installing energy storage technology such as batteries at homes, businesses, and public facilities. Energy storage can reduce utility bills and keep the lights on during a power outage.

The California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) is providing these incentives. RCEA encourages our customers to reach out to an approved developer to reserve any potential incentives and rebates from SGIP as they are going fast. RCEA is negotiating a contract with one of these approved developers, Swell Energy, to implement a program specifically for our Community Choice Energy customers, which would add value to the SGIP. Swell Energy has said that residential incentive sign-ups may be filled up in less than three weeks, and we encourage you to contact them to see if you would qualify. Swell Energy is just one of the developers under SGIP, and they will be working with local companies for installation. A complete list of developers is available on RCEA’s website.

As of September 1, over $26 million of incentives has been reserved in Humboldt County, which includes Residential, Commercial, Tribal, and Public Facilities.

“The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District requested $2.9 million in SGIP funds, and PG&E is reviewing our request,” said HBMWD Board member Sheri Woo. “The funds would allow energy storage at the Essex station and the Turbidity Reduction Facility, allowing us to avoid or greatly reduce energy use during expensive peak times.”

In response to California’s wildfires and Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) the CPUC has authorized funding of more than $1 billion through 2024 for SGIP. This funding includes prioritization of communities living in high fire-threat areas, communities that have experienced two or more utility PSPS events, as well as low income and medically vulnerable customers. Residential customers who meet one of the following may be eligible for a no- or low-cost energy storage system:

  1. Are eligible for medical baseline.
  2. Have a serious illness that is life-threatening if disconnected from electricity.
  3. Rely on an electric well pump.
  4. Live in income-qualified housing.

The funds are also available for critical facilities that support community resilience in the event of a PSPS event or wildfire, such as police stations; fire stations; emergency operations centers; 911 call centers; medical facilities; hospitals; skilled nursing facilities; nursing homes; public and private gas, electric, water, wastewater and flood control facilities; dialysis centers; jails and prisons; cooling centers; homeless shelters; grocery stores; corner stores; and markets and supermarkets with less than $15 million in annual receipts.

An added benefit to the installation of distributed storage systems throughout the state is that they can be connected into a virtual power plant system to lessen peak demands and reduce the need for statewide Flex Alerts and rolling blackouts. RCEA is working with partners to establish such a system.

To check if you qualify and begin the application process, contact one of the developers listed on RCEA’s website, or Swell Energy at (310) 340- 0493 or email For more information, please visit RCEA’s website,, email, or call (707) 269-1700.


The Redwood Coast Energy Authority is a local government joint powers agency whose members include the County of Humboldt, all local cities, and the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District. The Energy Authority’s purpose is to develop and implement sustainable energy initiatives that reduce energy demand, increase energy efficiency, and advance the use of clean, efficient and renewable resources available in the region.