State Agencies, LSEs Continue Refining Resource-Adequacy Program

California Energy Markets

Revisions to the state’s resource-adequacy program continue with the target implementation date of 2025 still in sight; however, a few process participants say some key underlying work could take at least three more years to complete.

Among the proposals is a California Community Choice Association suggestion to permit hourly transactions between LSEs to ensure individual LSE compliance. CalCCA senior market policy analyst Lauren Carr said the proposal addresses “the edges” of resource-deficiency issues.

“If an LSE has just a couple of hours that have a deficiency, they could look for an LSE to take those obligations on. . . . It’s more just demonstrating the potential and the types of benefits that it would provide given some LSEs are short. That their shortage could be fully covered by hourly obligation trading or some sort of reshuffling or optimization of storage resources to minimize those deficiencies,” Carr said during her workshop presentation.

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