SFPUC Offers $1 Million in E-bike Rebates for Customers with Low Incomes

SFPUC Offers $1 Million in E-bike Rebates for Customers with Low Incomes
Electrify My Ride Marks Agency’s First Incentive Program for Micromobility

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is offering up to $1 million in rebates, providing $1,000 per eligible customer, on the purchase of an e-bike at participating San Francisco bicycle retailers. This is the agency’s first venture into incentivizing a micromobility transportation option. Micromobility refers to any small, low-speed, electric-powered transportation device, like e-bikes and electric scooters.

Some 25,000 current electricity customers may qualify for the “Electrify My Ride” rebate, which is based on their enrollment in low-income discount programs through CleanPowerSF and Hetch Hetchy Power in addition to a customer’s utility address in an equity priority community. The rebate, which is applied at the point of sale, helps reduce the cost of an e-bike that typically has a base cost of about $1,500. Electrify My Ride helps make this eco-friendly transportation option accessible to more San Francisco residents.

“We’re excited to offer this e-bike rebate, which supports our commitment to San Francisco’s climate goals and helps address transportation needs for underserved communities,” said San Francisco Public Utilities Commission General Manager Dennis Herrera. “San Francisco’s hills are gorgeous, but they can make biking in this town challenging. E-bikes are a fantastic option, especially considering the high costs and environmental toll of gas-powered cars. By making e-bikes more accessible through our rebate program, we’re breaking down economic barriers to clean, affordable transportation in underserved communities. We’re making it easier for folks to electrify their ride, and they can power it up at home using our clean electricity.”

The SFPUC launched the program to qualifying customers on February 5, 2024. An ongoing survey to gauge customer feedback on the offer has yielded more than 1,000 responses, revealing strong support and enthusiasm for e-bikes. Comments cover a range of customer needs from, “It’s a good program to help low-income people like me,” to “I can think of so many situations where an e-bike would be of use in my life,” and “An e-bike would be helpful to my budget.”

“With their electric assist feature propelling people up hills, e-bikes have made cycling available to folks who previously did not ride bikes,” said local e-bike retailer Joseph LeClair of The Bike Connection. “Now the SFPUC is offering a generous rebate to make e-bikes more affordable for communities that will greatly benefit from their ease of use, minimal environmental impact and cost savings while enjoying the City’s extensive network of bike lanes, slow streets, car-free routes, and trails.”

This is not the SFPUC’s first effort assisting customers with transitioning to an electricity-based transportation system powered by clean energy. The agency also launched EV Charge SF in 2022, a program which helps finance electric vehicle charging infrastructure in San Francisco. Electrify My Ride and the SFPUC’s other electrification initiatives are critical to helping the City of San Francisco reach its climate action goals. As outlined in the Climate Action Plan, the City seeks to ensure that 80% of all trips taken in San Francisco are via low carbon modes of transportation by 2030.

Customers seeking to qualify for the Electrify My Ride $1,000 e-bike rebate can apply here. The rebate may be used only on a purchase of a UL certified battery e-bike that meets San Francisco’s e-bike safety standards. Participants must redeem their rebate within approximately 30 days of receipt and before April 20, 2024, at the following retailers:

Mike’s Bikes, 1223 Howard St.

Ocean Cyclery, 1935 Ocean Ave.

Sports Basement: 1590 Bryant St.; 610 Old Mason St. (Presidio); and Stonestown

The Bike Connection, 1090 Folsom St.

The New Wheel Electric Bikes, 420 Cortland Ave.

Warm Planet Bikes, 1098A Market St.

About CleanPowerSF and Hetch Hetchy Power

CleanPowerSF began serving customers in 2016 with a mission to provide San Francisco residents and businesses with clean, renewable electricity at competitive rates. Today, CleanPowerSF serves about 385,000 customer accounts in San Francisco and offers 60% and 100% renewable electricity service options. Over the past eight years, CleanPowerSF has helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricity use by 93% from 1990 levels.

Along with CleanPowerSF, the SFPUC operates Hetch Hetchy Power, which generates and delivers 100% greenhouse gas-free energy to more than 4,000 customer accounts, including municipal buildings and facilities, such as City Hall, San Francisco International Airport, schools, libraries and the Muni transit system. Hetch Hetchy Power also provides electricity to some commercial and residential developments, including affordable housing sites.

Collectively, the two programs meet over 70 percent of the electricity demand in San Francisco.

About the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is a department of the City and County of San Francisco. It delivers drinking water to 2.7 million people in the Bay Area, collects and treats wastewater for the City and County of San Francisco, and meets over 70% of the electricity demand in San Francisco. Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality, efficient, and reliable water, power, and sewer services in a manner that values environmental and community interests and sustains the resources entrusted to our care. Learn more at sfpuc.org.