SB 612 Sample Support Letters

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As a California ratepayer I am writing to express my support for SB 612 by Senator Anthony Portantino. All ratepayers deserve fair and equitable treatment, regardless of their energy provider. Today that’s not true. SB 612 addresses this inequity by ensuring all ratepayers equally share the costs and benefits of the energy they pay for. The impacts of COVID-19 have made the importance of righting this inequity and lowering costs for all customers even more urgent. Please vote ‘yes’ on SB 612. 


[Insert name of your organization] supports SB 612 which benefits all ratepayers by ensuring fair and equal access to the benefits of legacy energy resources and contracts.

Over the last decade, more than 11 million customers have transitioned from IOU electric service to CCAs, local government-owned utilities choosing to purchase electricity on behalf of their communities. As part of this transition, CCA customers must share in the cost responsibility with IOU customers for IOU-owned generation and electricity supply contracts entered into by IOUs prior to CCA customers’ departure for CCA service.

While CCA customers must pay their fair share of the contracts, they do not have fair access to the full range of beneficial resources these contracts provide as those benefits are retained by the IOU for their customers. As a result, CCA customers must turn to increasingly scarce markets to procure resources to serve their customers while IOU customers have a full portfolio of resources at their disposal. There is no good policy rationale for this inequitable treatment of CCA customers versus their IOU counterparts.

To correct this inequity, SB 612 seeks to update electricity policies concerning legacy contracts so they are fair to all ratepayers, regardless of energy provider. Please vote ‘yes’ on SB 612.

Please submit your letter of support here.