San Mateo County cities getting $11.5M clean energy grants

San Mateo Daily JournalPeninsula Clean Energy is providing cities across San Mateo County with grant money to fund clean energy projects as part of a $68 million community reinvestment program, CEO Shawn Marshall said.“It’s a way to really accelerate the progress that the cities are already starting to make against reduction in greenhouse gasses and electrification. It provides an added incentive to get a number of projects hopefully across the goal line,” Marshall said.PCE is funded by ratepayers, Marshall said, with occasional funding from the California Public Utilities Commission for specific projects. The PCE board set an upper-limit target for cash reserves and, if that amount is exceeded, a surplus fund committee meets to decide how to reallocate the funding to the benefit of customers and communities.Read more here: San Mateo County cities getting $11.5M clean energy grants | Local News |