San Diego Community Power Rolling Out Residential Service in Five Cities

San Diego Community Power Rolling Out Residential Service in Five Cities

Residents living in Imperial Beach, Encinitas, La Mesa, Chula Vista, and San Diego will soon have access to clean, renewable energy from a local, not-for-profit provider

San Diego, Calif. – Feb. 1, 2022 – Nearly 800,000 local residents will begin receiving clean power from San Diego Community Power (SDCP), a not-for-profit community choice aggregation program that provides clean, renewable energy at competitive rates. SDCP will launch its enrollment in February with the residents of Imperial Beach and continue its enrollment with La Mesa in March, Encinitas in April, and Chula Vista and San Diego in May.

“SDCP lets us take control of our energy future and is committed to providing our region with 100% renewable power by 2035 or sooner,” said SDCP Board Chair and Encinitas Deputy Mayor Joe Mosca. “We offer energy choices driven by open and transparent decision-making processes and 100 percent accountability to the community.”

Residents will be automatically enrolled in the program and immediately start receiving cleaner power at competitive rates compared to San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). While customers can opt out at any time, by staying enrolled, SDCP customers will be supporting community investment in green energy projects and jobs. As a not-for profit public agency, SDCP invests revenue back into the community it serves – not shareholder profits.

“With SDCP, helping our environment has never been easier,” said SDCP Interim CEO Bill Carnahan. “By being a part of SDCP, our residents get the benefits of cleaner power and the knowledge they are making a difference locally.”

SDCP service tiers include PowerOn, offering 50 percent renewable energy, and Power100, offering 100 percent renewable energy. Under SDCP’s current rate plan, PowerOn customers will save 1-2% on their bills compared to SDG&E base generation service which is 31% renewable. Power100 customers will pay a slight premium of less than a penny per kWh for 100 percent renewable energy. Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Chula Vista, and San Diego residents will be enrolled in the standard PowerOn service. Encinitas elected to enroll residents into Power100. SDG&E will continue to deliver power, manage monthly billing and customer service, and provide ongoing system maintenance. Customers will continue to get the same single bill from SDG&E, with a new line item for electricity generation from SDCP.

While the residential launch represents the largest number of new accounts added to the system, SDCP has been reliably serving more than 70,000 customers representing more than 50 percent of forecasted eligible energy load since the municipal launch in February and business launch in June of 2021.

The unincorporated areas of San Diego County and National City are the newest members of San Diego Community Power, after recently voting to join in 2021. Service in those areas will begin in 2023 and will bring SDCP’s total customer accounts to nearly one million.

As the first to enroll residents in SDCP’s service, the Imperial Beach community is enthusiastic about its upcoming choice of energy providers. “I am excited that Imperial Beach residents and businesses now have more options to use clean, renewable energy,” said Kim Rivero Frink, a local resident and Board President of SunCoast Market Co-Op in Imperial Beach. “The choices we make now will impact our planet for generations.”


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