‘Power to the People’: Equity, Equality and the Energy Transition

California Energy Markets

A recent speech in San Diego on energy equity by a local community activist touched on the topic of why lower-income and working-class people seem to be less concerned about environmentalism and climate change than higher-income groups—and how to change that.

Eddie Price, chair of the community advisory committee for community choice aggregator San Diego Community Power, provided ideas on how to better communicate with his South San Diego community on energy issues. He made his remarks during a panel discussion at the May 17-19 annual conference of the California Community Choice Association. Despite the seriousness of the topic, he often drew laughs from the crowd of several hundred with a light-hearted delivery.

“In my community, energy, climate change, is not the most prominent priority in the household,” Price said, adding that people in his community are more concerned with things like getting food on the table and dealing with issues at their children’s schools.

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