Pomona unveils new, city-backed power company

Daily Bulletin

The city of Pomona next month will launch its own power company, which officials say will produce clean and renewable energy along with savings for customers.

Set to launch Oct. 1, Pomona Choice Energy replaces Southern California Edison as the city’s main power provider. Household accounts will be enrolled in the new service automatically, though customers may opt out if they so choose. Businesses will be allowed to enroll at a later date.

Under the program, Pomona, not SCE, will purchase power directly from suppliers and significantly more of it will come from renewable resources, according to Chris Diggs, the city’s water resources manager who is overseeing Pomona Choice.

The program allows the City Council to select the power sources for the community, and gives it a say in setting rates. The council is expected to set rates annually based on projected costs.

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