Pomona Choice Energy Teams Up with Emporia to Offer Customers Discounted Home Energy Management Technology

Pomona Choice Energy has teamed up with Emporia to provide Pomona residents with discounted energy efficiency devices to conserve power, lower electricity bills and benefit the environment.

“As energy demand continues to rise in California during summer months, this program is timely and impactful,” said Tim Sandoval, Pomona’s Mayor. “We’re proud to offer our community members essential tools to reduce energy consumption and save money while doing so.”

The first 500 Pomona Choice Energy customers who sign up for the program will receive a free Vue Energy Monitor (valued at $39.99), and the first 1,000 customers will get a free Smart Plug (valued at $9.99).

Once the first devices are claimed, the program will continue to offer a 37.5% discount on Energy Monitors and a 32% discount on Smart Plugs. Customers with electric vehicles can also purchase an EV Charger (valued at $449.99) for just $399.00.

“At Emporia, we’re passionate about creating innovative technology that makes homes more energy-efficient,” said Shawn McLaughlin, CEO of Emporia. “We are proud to partner with Pomona Choice Energy, as we work together to reduce stress on California’s power grid while saving customers money.”

To enroll in the program and receive your free home energy management devices, fill out the form on the website with your Pomona Choice Energy account information. If all devices have already been reserved, you can purchase them at a discounted rate on the Emporia website.