Pomona Choice Energy Attends CalChoice Energy Authority Annual All-Member Meeting

Pomona Choice Energy Attends CalChoice Energy Authority Annual All-Member Meeting

The California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) hosted its annual All-Member Meeting from September 28-30 in Lancaster. Each year, the event provides an opportunity for CalChoice associate members to gather for in-depth discussions about regulatory affairs affecting community choice aggregators (CCAs). Pomona Choice Energy’s Program Manager and Environmental Compliance Supervisor Julie Carver represented Pomona Choice Energy at this year’s in-person event.

“I enjoyed participating in the 2022 All-Member Meeting and connecting with each CalChoice CCA in the process,” said Ms. Carver. “It was a great chance to learn about the impactful energy programs currently underway in our respective communities, as well as discuss areas of focus for the coming year.”

The meeting began with a presentation by Jay Robertson and Scott Olson with NRG, where they provided a weather overview and discussed how heat waves in California have affected the statewide power grid and electricity prices.

Afterward, attendees participated in informal break-out sessions to discuss various topics, including “Legislative Wins Strategies and Priorities” with S360, “Program Highlights” with Tesla/Lancaster Energy, and “Customer Care Boot Camp” with Calpine.

In the afternoon, Braun Blaising & Wynne (BB&W), a partner of CalChoice, delivered a thorough presentation about CCA regulatory affairs. The presentation consisted of a regulatory overview, as well as key updates about new Resource Adequacy requirements and Integrated Resource Plans.

The meeting concluded with a round-table discussion, where each CCA shared updates about new program victories, recent challenges and plans for the future. Ms. Carver contributed to the discussion by highlighting Pomona Choice Energy’s successful partnership with OhmConnect to help customers conserve energy and save money on their bills. She also shared details about upcoming plans to reinvest program revenues back into the community through renewable infrastructure projects and sustainability programs.

“It was a great honor to partake in this meeting and I’m so glad that we were able to connect in person this year,” continued Julie. “Beyond learning about CCA program developments, I enjoyed rekindling relationships with existing colleagues and getting to know the new faces that are working behind the scenes to ensure our programs are successful.”

Pomona Choice Energy is a proud member of the California Choice Energy Authority and looks forward to attending the 2023 CalChoice All-Member Meeting next year.