Pomona Choice Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary

Pomona Choice Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary

Pomona Choice Energy, the City of Pomona’s locally managed, not-for-profit energy program, celebrated its one-year anniversary on October 1, 2021. Pomona Choice Energy currently serves 36,113 residential customers and 485 commercial customers throughout the City.

“Over the last year, Pomona Choice Energy has offered our community a choice where there wasn’t one before,” said Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval. “We’re proud to operate a program that provides residents and businesses several clean energy plans and a choice beyond the local investor-owned utility.”

Pomona Choice Energy is an alternative for energy generation to Southern California Edison (SCE), the local investor-owned utility (IOU) and previously the only power provider available in the City. As a partner of Pomona Choice Energy, SCE continues to be responsible for energy transmission and delivery, and billing management.

With Pomona Choice Energy, customers have the option to choose between three energy plans: Pomona Choice (35% carbon free energy), Pomona Choice 100 (100% renewable energy) and Pomona Solar Choice (self-generated energy). Customers eligible for CARE, FERA, and Medical Baseline discounts with SCE continue to receive the same benefits.

In its current stage, the program is building a revenue reserve. In the future, Pomona Choice Energy will reinvest program revenues back into the community through local programs and benefits focused on energy and sustainability.

“Pomona Choice Energy’s one-year anniversary is a significant milestone,” continued Sandoval. “We look forward to maturing our program over the next year and reaching our goals of putting program funds back into the community through local programs.”

Pomona Choice Energy is one of 24 programs of its kind in California. Together, the 24 community choice aggregation programs in the state serve more than 11 million customers.

To learn more about Pomona Choice Energy, visit PomonaChoiceEnergy.org.