OCPA Announces its Basic Choice Rate Design Will be Lower Than SCE’s Generation Rates, Effective Mid-January 2023

OCPA Announces its Basic Choice Rate Design Will be Lower Than SCE’s Generation Rates, Effective Mid-January 2023

December 13, 2022

Less than a year into providing renewable energy to business and residential customers in Buena Park, Huntington Beach, Irvine and Fullerton, Orange County Power Authority (OCPA) announced that beginning in mid-January 2023, its Basic Choice electricity generation rates will be cheaper than Southern California Edison’s (SCE) equivalent generation rates.

The costs of energy are rising due to natural disasters limiting import capabilities from the Pacific Northwest, outages at natural gas hubs and the supply chain disruptions that extended development timelines for the construction of solar and battery storage projects. While OCPA and SCE will both need to increase their rate structure in January 2023, OCPA’s generation rates increase percentages are lower than SCE’s.

“OCPA’s 2023 rate design strengthens our competitive position and ensures our financial resilience through continuing energy market volatility,” said Brian Probolsky, CEO.

For 2023, OCPA’s Basic Choice rates will be 2% lower compared to the SCE generation portion of the bill. The Smart Choice plan will continue to cost 1.0 cent per kilowatt more than Basic Choice rates and the 100% Renewable plan will cost 1.5 cents per kilowatt – or just 3.9 percent – more than Basic Choice rates. All OCPA choice rates will benefit.

For those customers who initially opted-out and would now like to return to OCPA to access the lower Basic Choice energy rates in 2023, call 866-262-7693 to find out how to opt back in.

Existing OCPA customers have the opportunity to move between the three renewable energy plans offered by OCPA. The rate comparison calculator at ocpower.org will be updated in January for those interested in comparing their existing energy bills against the new lower rate structure.

Customers who are currently enrolled in the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) program, the Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) program, Medical Baseline, or Level Pay through SCE, will continue to receive those same benefits and discounts as an OCPA customer.

“The favorable competitive environment presents a unique opportunity for OCPA to make significant progress toward its near-term and long-term financial goals, while helping create a healthier, more resilient community that is reducing its dependence on fossils fuels,” said Probolsky.

Prior to OCPA, residents and businesses in Orange County did not have a choice of who their energy provider was. As an independent, locally-controlled not-for-profit community choice energy provider, OCPA is working to bring more renewable energy to our communities, a step toward ensuring a healthier, more sustainable environment for generations to come.