Next Year’s $3B Green Resilient Grid Plan Okayed

California Current

CAISO’s new plan estimates there will be 2,700 megawatts of new resources next year, which is well above the estimated 1,000 MW of new resources deemed needed each year in the previous yearly transmission blueprint. The 2022-23 roadmap assumes 1,055 MW of gas-fired generation will be shut down, grid operator spokesperson Anne Gonzales said. In addition, more aging coastal power plants and the 2,200 MW Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant are slated for retirement in 2024-25.

State regulators ordered utilities, community energy, and other providers to bring unprecedented amounts of new resources online, including 11.5 gigawatts of clean energy by mid-decade.

East Bay Community Energy stressed that awarded projects need to be completed on budget and on time. The high voltage projects are integral to interconnecting the new generation and storage it and other aggregators are developing and “so desperately needed as we work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California,” said EBCE Vice President of Public Policy Melissa Brandt.

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