New CleanPowerSF Rates Prioritize Affordability, Stability and Sustainability for Customers

CleanPowerSF is set to implement new electricity rates effective July 1, 2023. Through a transparent and public process, these rates have been carefully designed to prioritize affordability, predictability, and sustainability for CleanPowerSF customers.

Prioritizing Affordability for Customers

While CleanPowerSF customers will see a small increase in their CleanPowerSF generation rates, customers will continue to see savings compared to PG&E. The average residential customer will save about 3% on their total bill, while the average small business will save approximately 6% on their total bill.

Focus on Stability for Customers

CleanPowerSF aims to provide stability and predictability for its customers by setting rates once a year. By updating rates just on July 1, customers can plan their budgets with confidence, knowing that their rates will remain unchanged throughout the year.

Support for Sustainability and Climate Goals

The new rates also align with the SFPUC’s sustainability priorities and the City’s climate goals. CleanPowerSF will continue to offer affordable SuperGreen rates for 100% California-certified renewable power. The SuperGreen residential rates will remain at the current premium of $0.01/kWh, while commercial rates will be set at $0.005/kWh. For the average residential customer, this means it’s just about $3 more per month for SuperGreen, and approximately $15 more per month for the average small business (compared to our Green service).

CleanPowerSF’s new 2023 rates prioritize affordability, sustainability, and stability for its customers, and CleanPowerSF customers will continue to see savings compared to PG&E. CleanPowerSF’s commitment to renewable energy, predictable pricing, and long-term financial stability makes it a leading choice for San Francisco residents and businesses seeking greener and more affordable electricity options.

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