Microgrids Address Many Challenges Facing Contemporary Power Sector

California Energy Markets

A variety of experts from across California expounded on the present and future contributions of microgrids to serve the diverse demands of the energy sector both within and beyond the state’s borders during “Microgrids in California: Opportunities and Challenges for the Energy Sector,” an Oct. 19 webinar hosted by California Energy Markets.

Matthew Marshall, executive director of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority, during the webinar said Ford’s forthcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup—which, according to the company, could power a home for three to seven days if properly equipped and charged—is likely to change the way consumers think about backup power and distributed resources.

RCEA, a community choice aggregator in Humboldt County, earlier this year launched the Redwood Coast Airport Microgrid, a front-of-the-meter, multicustomer microgrid that delivers power via Pacific Gas & Electric’s distribution system. The 2.2-MW solar array paired with an 8.8-MWh battery provides wholesale power to RCEA customers and, when islanded, up to several months’ worth of uninterrupted power for the airport and a U.S. Coast Guard station.

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