MCE Adopts Resolution Committing to Advance Racial Equity

MCE Adopts Resolution Committing to Advance Racial Equity

Resolution Furthers MCE’s Energy Equity Values

On May 20, 2021, MCE’s Board of Directors approved Resolution No 2021-04 Committing to Advance Racial Equity. This decision further solidifies MCE’s long-standing commitment to deepen and foster prominent equity values into the agency’s work. The resolution acknowledges the persistence of institutionalized racial inequities and seeks to address them by continuously improving and implementing inclusive policies across the organization. One key pathway identified in the resolution is to deepen our efforts to systematically incorporate diverse voices and feedback from customers and community-based organizations that are conducting valuable racial equity work.

The resolution also states that MCE will continue to work toward more equitable outcomes in energy services, customer programs, and power procurement by recruiting racial equity organizations and engaging with them through the Community Power Coalition. MCE will continue to provide agency wide training to educate employees on implicit bias and racial equity with a goal to enhance internal and external policies, practices, and programs that dismantle racial disparities.

“We are proud of what MCE has accomplished over the last ten years and acknowledge the unique opportunity MCE has as a local government agency to be aligned with and directed by elected community members.” said Dawn Weisz, MCE CEO. “We also recognize that an enormous joint effort is needed if we are to successfully address the historic legacies of racism that influence institutionalized power. This resolution is just one additional step MCE is taking to address energy equity in our service area.”

As part of this resolution, MCE will join the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE), a networking and joint project of the new Race Forward and the Othering and Belonging Institute, to better align our policies and programs with best practices for multi-jurisdictional government agencies.

MCE’s past energy equity efforts include:

Income-qualified energy efficiency, electric vehicle, and solar rebate programs.


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