Local Communities Receive $3.6 Million to Build Awareness on the Benefits of Upgrading to Clean, Modern Appliances

Local Communities Receive $3.6 Million to Build Awareness on the Benefits of Upgrading to Clean, Modern Appliances

Silicon Valley communities upgrade to electric technologies in local buildings

Sunnyvale, Calif. – Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) will award grants to nine member agencies and a school district to demonstrate the practicality and feasibility of upgrading buildings with electric appliances and technologies to reduce pollution and improve health. SVCE has distributed $3.6 million in the form of Demonstration and Engagement Grants.

“Community members will be able to learn about, and get comfortable with, electric technology in these shared spaces, like Los Altos Hills’ Town Hall,” said George Tyson, SVCE Chair and Los Altos Hills Councilmember. “As our communities continue to improve building policies to favor health and safety, we want to provide residents the opportunity to explore the many benefits that come with all-electric technologies.”

The Demonstration Grants are designed to help local agencies install electric building technologies that the public can see and experience. SVCE distributed $3.2 million between the cities of Campbell, Los Altos, Monte Sereno, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Sunnyvale and the Sunnyvale School District. Projects include an array of installations such as heat pump water heaters, heat pump space heaters, and induction stoves. Community members will have access to these projects and will be provided with educational materials about how the technology works within the building.

The Engagement Grants provide communities with resources to engage their residents on a variety of climate action topics addressing electric building upgrades, electric vehicle use, and other actions residents can take to reduce their carbon footprint. SVCE granted a total of over $400,000 to Cupertino, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Mountain View and Los Altos Hills to share this information through in-person events, digital resources, virtual reality simulations, and more.

“SVCE communities have shown their commitment to promote a healthy electric future for the region,” said Girish Balachandran, SVCE CEO. “As efforts to transition away from polluting, gas-powered appliances in homes and buildings advance, education and outreach to all customers about the benefits of – and resources available for – electric appliances is essential to ensure an equitable transition.”

The SVCE Board of Directors approved $1.5 million for the initial grant funding in June 2022, and approved an additional $2.1 million after the application review process in early 2023. Each of the proposed projects offered a valuable opportunity to showcase electric technologies and the comfort and performance that they bring to a building. The decision to add funding to the already allocated program was driven by SVCE’s desire to support local communities as leaders in the education and adoption of a safe clean energy future.

Customers that wish to bring the benefits of electric technologies, seen in their community facilities, to their own space can use SVCE rebates to help achieve a healthier home. Learn more about available rebates at www.svcleanenergy.org/home-rebates.


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