Lancaster Choice Energy Completes Final Phase of Energy Efficiency Program, Helps 201 Local Businesses Save Money and Energy


In June 2020, Lancaster Choice Energy (LCE), an associate member of California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice), completed the third and final phase of its Small Commercial Direct Install Program, a program offering free energy-efficiency assessments and upgrades to qualifying local businesses in the City of Lancaster. In total, the program helped 201 participating businesses save more than 2 million kWh of energy.

“I’m proud of this program and all its success,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Not only does it help local businesses save money on their energy bill, it also helps them reduce their carbon footprint.”

LCE rolled out the program in three phases starting in March 2019. To qualify, interested businesses were required to have a peak electric demand of 200 kilowatts or less. LCE partnered with FESS Energy Solutions, Pasadena-based energy efficiency expert, to complete all assessments and equipment installations.

“With all the work that goes into managing a business, owners don’t always have the time to think about energy efficiency and lowering their energy bill,” continued Mayor Parris. “By contracting with FESS Energy Solutions, we were able to make it as convenient and efficient as possible for local businesses to take advantage of the program.”

As part of the program, FESS Energy Solutions visited each participating business to assess their building and determine which energy efficiency equipment they would recommend. If the businesses accepted the recommendations, the firm then scheduled an appointment to install the equipment. All assessments and equipment installations were complimentary.

Across all businesses, the firm installed a variety of energy-efficient equipment including LED lighting, occupancy sensors, refrigerators, strip curtains, and door closers which are all designed to help reduce electricity usage and help businesses save costs on energy.

“We had LED bulbs installed throughout our building and in the first month alone we saw a savings of just over $150 on our electric bill,” said Greg Botonis, Owner of Twisted Exit. “The installers were fast and professional and the entire process took less than thirty minutes for more than 20 fixtures. This is an amazing program from the City that helps small businesses in our community save and thrive. Thanks Lancaster Choice Energy.”

In the final phase, 63 businesses participated in the program and FESS Energy Solutions installed 134 light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and 223 Retrofit Troffer kits, and retrofitted 7,811 LED lamps in 3,294 fixtures. The program has a 100 percent customer satisfaction rating.

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