Hybrid Plant Provides a Cleaner Power Solution


The CPUC program has spurred a variety of innovative power generation projects over the past two decades, highlighted by recent moves to turn existing projects into new, more efficient facilities. A project from Marin Clean Energy (MCE), which converted a natural gas-fired peaker plant into a state-of-the art energy storage hybrid, has been cited as one of California’s more interesting projects for the RA program, as it enables a fossil-fuel power facility to remain in service by adding clean energy technology.

The Fresno Hybrid, located in Fresno, adds 16 MW of battery energy storage to the existing 48-MW gas-fired plant. In the process, it enables the plant, which came online in March of this year, to burn significantly less fuel than a standard gas-fired site, and it has improved local air quality by reducing particulate emissions from the facility by as much as 78%.

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