Hundreds of New EV Chargers Planned for Oakland, Calif.


Hundreds of new electric vehicle chargers will soon be built in Oakland, Calif., and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, developed by a series of unique partnerships among utilities, charging infrastructure companies and the state.

Ava Community Energy, a nonprofit electric utility co-op based in Alameda and San Joaquin counties in Northern California, will take the lead on developing high-speed chargers across its service area. While the Austin, Texas, startup FlashParking will develop more than 600 Level 2 chargers within a close circle of downtown Oakland.

“If you install the chargers, people will come. People will adopt EVs because they’re just a better customer experience,” said Nick Chaset, CEO at Ava Community Energy. “Even if the chargers that we are building don’t necessarily see the immediate uptake in charging, we believe people will adopt EVs as they see more chargers.”

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