How to run your house on clean electricity, no solar panels required

The Washington Post

Woody Hastings, a program manager with the Climate Center advocacy group, says he started encouraging city officials to consider a CCA in 2016. But it wasn’t until California experienced recent record-breaking wildfire seasons — with utility equipment igniting some blazes — that council member Dan Wright really started to pay attention. “Learning is a process, and it took several discussions, reading what [Hastings] sent me, and going over it to say, ‘Okay this makes sense for us,’” he says.

Wright rallied support, and last year, Stockton voted to join a CCA called East Bay Community Energy. Starting next year, the CCA says, it will increase the supply of renewable electricity to residents, at lower rates. (More than 11 million customers across California now get their power from CCAs.)

Because CCAs are public agencies, “there’s enhanced transparency and accountability” around their decision-making, Hastings says.

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