How to Attend a CalCCA Webinar

Our webinars are hosted on RingCentral and you will need to register and download the RingCentral app to participate – but don’t fret, it only takes a few minutes. To attend the webinar follow the steps in this guide.

Step 1: Register

Click the webinar registration link and you will be brought to a page that looks like this:

Step 2: Fill in the Fields

Once you are on the registration page, fill out the required fields and click the “Register” button. You should then receive a confirmation email that you are registered for the webinar. Please add the webinar to your calendar so you get a reminder email the day of the event. If you already have the RingCentral App on your computer or mobile device you’re good to go. If not, go to Step 3.

Step 3: Download the RingCentral App

Click on “Click Here to Join” in the webinar confirmation email. You will be taken to a page that says “Don’t Have RingCentral Meetings?” at the bottom. Click “Download Now.” Once the app is downloaded, the webinar will open automatically.

The GIF below shows the process:

Read more about accessing RingCentral Meetings here. If you still have questions please email Jackson McDonough at