Help is on the way for California truckers grappling with EV regulations


Freight vehicles are one of the largest sources of air pollution in the state, and the East Bay and Central Valley are among the biggest emitters. Thirty-percent of the jobs in Alameda County alone are tied to industries that move goods in and out of the Port of Oakland and the Oakland airport.

While freight trucks are critical to our economy, they also threaten public health and the planet. Medium- and heavy-duty trucks make up just 7% of California vehicles, but are responsible for more than one-quarter of carbon emissions, more than 60% of smog-forming nitrogen oxides, and more than 55% of lung- and heart-harming fine particulate pollution from vehicles.

Organizations like East Bay Community Energy are also stepping up, offering technical assistance to fleets and loans of up to $3 million to support truck electrification, including both vehicles and charging stations. This organization previously helped fund a program to expand EV charging in Alameda County with the state Energy Commission.

Switching to electric trucks doesn’t just move pollution from roads to power plants, either. By utilizing the all-renewable power market for charging, truck operators can generate maximum credits under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard and earn extra incentives to cut emissions.

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