Grant from HAF and WRCF provides $7,200 for microgrid ed, outreach, study

Grant from HAF and WRCF provides $7,200 for microgrid ed, outreach, study

EUREKA – Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) was selected to receive a $7,200 grant from the Humboldt Area Foundation and Wild Rivers Community Foundation to fund education, outreach and research at the Redwood Coast Airport Microgrid located at the California Redwood Coast Humboldt County Airport.

Grant-funded activities will advance RCEA’s goal to support workforce development for individuals interested in careers in the renewable energy sector. Grant activities will include programs and site visits to prepare and encourage students to enter the clean energy sector and will further expand on research done with Cal Poly Humboldt through 2024.

The grant will allow the microgrid site to become an educational resource for exploring dual-use concepts, such as combining agriculture and solar energy generation on a single site (“agrivoltics”).

These research projects will explore the possibility of other dual-use programs at other Humboldt County sites, assess how to help reduce vegetation management costs for renewable energy sites, and serve as an example for future renewable energy project designs in the county.

About Redwood Coast Airport Microgrid

The Redwood Coast Airport Microgrid (RCAM) is a locally owned, renewable energy facility at our regional airport. It serves as a modern cornerstone for a healthier, more resilient and energy-independent community.

The Redwood Coast Airport Microgrid was designed to provide energy resilience for the regional airport and U.S. Coast Guard Air Station during power outages, and electricity to the RCEA’s customers while the electric grid is operating normally.

Redwood Coast Energy Authority operates and maintains the equipment and grounds.