Google and SVCE devise a carbon-free energy plan

Solar Builder Magazine

Renewable energy accounting by commercial and governmental entities has followed global guidelines based on annual generation and usage. Historically, Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) has provided electricity that is carbon-free as measured on an annual basis. This week, SVCE and Google have created a fundamentally new 24/7 renewable energy service that establishes a standard retail product where renewable and carbon-free energy is matched hourly with electric demand.

This deal features hourly renewable energy matching, integrated demand management, and a commitment to ongoing community investments in local building and transportation electrification.

“The SVCE 24/7 carbon-free energy service with Google serves as a model for how large commercial energy customers and energy providers can work together to further advance clean, carbon-free electricity on the grid, coupled with electrification efforts in the local community,” said Girish Balachandran, SVCE CEO. “This type of forward-thinking collaboration is a real difference-maker in our full-scale transition from fossil fuels to clean electricity.”

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