EBCE Temporarily Suspends Customer Collection Activities

EBCE is dedicated to serving all customers, regardless of their ability to pay, during the COVID-19 pandemic

Oakland, Calif. (March 20, 2020) – Given the current public health emergency caused by COVID-19 and the associated financial strain to many households and businesses, EBCE has suspended the return of non-paying customers back to PG&E service and is suspending collections activities through at least May 2020. As the local community choice energy program and electricity service provider for most of Alameda County, EBCE does not ever shut off power to customers. During normal operations, after providing notices and a grace period to non-paying customers, EBCE eventually returns these customers back to PG&E service. As of today, all of EBCE’s collections and customer return activities have been suspended.

“This is an important time to support our community and put health and safety first.” said EBCE’s CEO, Nick Chaset. “As a critical service provider for our community, EBCE is looking at ways to help those that are impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Our staff continues to fulfill our duties while working from home, our call center is still available during business hours, and we are working to reduce negative impacts for our customers.”

EBCE is taking numerous actions to follow local guidelines for shelter in place and to support our customers:

  • EBCE’s scheduled Board of Directors meetings will be held remotely. Customers can participate and participate in meetings via online conferencing. Details are providing prior to meetings at https://ebce.org/public-meetings/.
  • At last night’s special meeting, EBCE’s board approved up to $75,000 in grants to local support programs such as the Alameda County Community Food Bank and Meals-on-Wheels of Alameda County. EBCE encourages companies, organizations, and individuals who are able to do so to also make contributions to local businesses and support programs. To donate to these two agencies, please visit: https://donate.accfb.org/ and https://www.feedingseniors.org/givetoday
  • EBCE’s office is closed and staff are working remotely to continue to serve customers.

For information regarding PG&E’s recent press release regarding a moratorium on power shut-offs due to nonpayment, please visit their website here.