East Bay Community Energy Announces Discounted Rates

The Independent

A $162.8 million budget surplus at East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) has allowed for an improved discount over Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) rates. EBCE projects the increased benefit will continue to rise with inflation over the coming months.

The new pricing, part of the annual budget unanimously approved at EBCE’s June 15 board meeting, gives Bright Choice customers a 3% discount on PG&E’s rates, compared to a 1% discount last fiscal year. Renewable 100 customers will receive a three-quarter cent per kilowatt-hour premium over PG&E, compared to one cent previously. Those enrolled in the Renewable 100 plan receive 100% California solar and wind energy.

The budget surplus will also fund local infrastructure investments and a possible one-time $50 credit to customers.

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