CPA Signs Four Renewables Contracts

California Energy Markets

The Clean Power Alliance board of directors signed four different long-term power-purchase contracts at its June 3 meeting, adding 256.5 MW of renewable energy and 163 MW of storage capacity to the community choice aggregator’s portfolio.

The contracts provide energy from one geothermal facility and three solar-plus-storage facilities; three are for 15 years and one is a 20-year contract.

“CPA is providing a model for California and our nation as to how to provide the reliable electricity that people need today in an environmentally-friendly way that protects our earth for future generations,” CPA Executive Director Ted Bardacke said in a news release. “Our customers expect reliability. The addition of these geothermal and solar plus storage facilities will allow us to better provide 24/7 reliable energy to address our customers’ needs.”

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