County supes don’t just talk about the weather; they actually do something!

Climate change is not abstract; it’s not amorphous. But weather forecasters talk about weather, not climate. Reporters tend to focus on the emergencies brought on by extreme weather, not the climate. Given that Earth’s temperature has increased by one degree Celsius already—and if we hit two our heads explode—that’s a whole lot not to be mentioned, no matter how astonishingly heroic they’ve been pursuing the call of duty.

In Santa Barbara, the good news is that county supervisors — at least three of them — the Santa Barbara City Council, and the Goleta City Council voted to take another look at a plan to buy, produce, and consume a lot more green energy than the major utilities are otherwise planning to make available.

This plan — dubbed Community Choice Energy by the eco-wonks who have been pushing this plan for years — had been declared dead on arrival last October by a private consultant who found its costs economically unsustainable. But a subsequent consultant has since concluded the first consultant’s findings were way too dire. The second consultant concluded that the Community Choice program might pay for itself after just one year and the cleaner energy provided would have the net air quality effect of taking 29,000 cars off the road. That number is only for the county’s unincorporated territory. It will be much larger as more cities participate.

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