CleanPowerSF Now Providing New Salesforce Tower with 100 Percent Renewable Electricity

Salesforce Tower, the tallest office building west of the Mississippi, has joined CleanPowerSF, the City’s growing community choice energy program. CleanPowerSF signed the new Salesforce Tower earlier this summer, shortly after the iconic building officially opened its doors.

As a SuperGreen customer, the new Salesforce Tower, managed by Boston Properties, is sourcing 100 percent renewable electricity generated mainly from California-based wind and solar projects. The global technology leader previously chose CleanPowerSF’s 100 percent renewable energy program to power its two other San Francisco offices, Salesforce East and Salesforce West.

“Choosing CleanPowerSF means customers like Salesforce are also supporting the City’s investments in creating new, clean-energy infrastructure and jobs in the Bay Area and across California,” said San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) General Manager Harlan L. Kelly, Jr.We are thrilled Salesforce is committed to the City’s plan to build a more sustainable future for our community.”

In June, CleanPowerSF signed several multi-year deals to build new wind and solar projects in California that will create more than 600 new jobs and ensure a clean, safe, and reliable renewable power supply to CleanPowerSF over the next several decades.

“As a company founded in San Francisco, Salesforce is committed to integrating the community into everything we do, including working with local businesses, community leaders and the government to advance our sustainability efforts,” said Patrick Flynn, Vice President of Sustainability at Salesforce. “We are proud to work with CleanPowerSF, San Francisco’s community choice aggregation program that empowers businesses and residents in the city to choose cleaner, greener electricity and we encourage others to join the energy program as well.”

“San Francisco and the state of California lead the world in clean energy and sustainability innovations,” said State Assemblymember David Chiu. “I’m thrilled to see Salesforce Tower, an iconic addition to the city’s skyline, choose 100 percent renewable energy with CleanPowerSF and invest in the community.”

This month, 25,000 commercial electricity customers in San Francisco started receiving service from CleanPowerSF. The SFPUC anticipates enrolling all eligible San Francisco customers in CleanPowerSF by July 2019. Any eligible customer who wants to sign up for CleanPowerSF service early or upgrade to SuperGreen, CleanPowerSF’s 100 percent renewable energy product, can do so at any time by going to

CleanPowerSF is a not-for-profit program that launched in 2016 with a mission to provide San Francisco electricity customers with the choice of having their electricity supplied from clean, renewable sources at a competitive price. CleanPowerSF offers two choices for cleaner energy: Green service (43 percent renewable energy) and SuperGreen (100 percent renewable energy). In partnership with PG&E, CleanPowerSF is now serving cleaner energy to more than 108,000 San Francisco customers.

The SFPUC has provided San Franciscans with 100 percent greenhouse gas-free hydroelectric energy for the past 100 years from the Hetch Hetchy Power System. CleanPowerSF is run by the same clean energy experts. The SFPUC also delivers Hetch Hetchy drinking and operates San Francisco’s combined sewer system.