Central Coast Community Energy Incentivizes Regional EV Adoption with Rebates for New and Used Vehicles, Charging Stations for All Customers

Central Coast Community Energy Incentivizes Regional EV Adoption with Rebates for New and Used Vehicles, Charging Stations for All Customers

CCCE Calls on Residential, Income Qualified, Commercial, Agricultural and Public Agency Customers to Utilize Outstanding Funding in Final Month

Monterey, CA. August 31, 2021 – Heading into the final month of program funding, Central Coast Community Energy is continuing its push for electric vehicle adoption which the agency began earlier this year. Transportation is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions along the Central Coast and lack of charging stations is one of the bigger barriers to more drivers making the switch to electric vehicles.

Not long after launching its Electrify Your Ride Electric Vehicle incentive program in February, CCCE pumped even more energy into transforming regional transportation with the EV charger equivalent, Charge Your Ride. Since then, Central Coast’s primary electricity provider continues to support greater regional EV adoption; reducing transportation-related emissions by incentivizing the lease or purchase of nearly 300 new and used EVs and increasing access to charging stations by making $19 million available to fund the construction of new public charging stations in partnership with the California Energy Commission and its California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP).

“Central Coast Community Energy continues to design and fund impactful programs that create meaningful greenhouse gas reduction while supporting the electrification of our Central Coast” shares CCCE CEO, Tom Habashi. “Central Cost Community Energy is excited to continue accelerating the electrification of the transportation sector to reduce climate impacts locally.”

Both programs are the second iterations of electric vehicle and charging station programs that have provided CCCE customers with access to more than $2.1MM in funding since Central Coast Community Energy began service in 2018. In keeping with the theme of making clean-energy solutions more accessible to its customers, many of CCCE’s energy programs offer greater rebates and incentives for income-qualified customers. Funding for EV and charging stations are being guided to disadvantaged communities which historically have the least access to EVs and charging stations. Electrify Your Ride offers double incentives, up to $4,000 for income-qualified customers while Charge Your Ride offers up to $10,000 rebate for an EV charger and any needed electrical work.

“One of the biggest barriers to EV adoption is EV charging and overcoming range anxiety” shares CCCE Director of Energy Programs Jon Griesser, “while Central Coast Community Energy has brought $7MM in EV charging infrastructure to the Central Coast in public and business settings, community members are more likely to switch to an EV with access to a convenient and reliable way to charge at home and at work. The Charge Your Ride program helps customers cover the cost of level 2 chargers and associated electrical work to support the installation of an EV charger. This electrical work will in turn also support the further electrification of equipment and appliances in the future as our agency continues to roll out more residential energy programs.”

Businesses, commercial property owners and public agencies are eligible to receive funds for multiple EVs and charging stations, an opportunity for Commercial, Agricultural, and Public Agency customers located throughout the Central Coast are able to play a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by fuel switching their vehicle fleets and offering EV charging stations at their office locations for both company fleets and staff electric vehicles. To date, $200,000 remains in Electrify Your Ride program funding and $145,000 is still available for Charge Your Ride. All customers are invited to apply for funding here: Electrify Your Ride and Charge Your Ride. Program applications will be accepted for both programs through September 30, 2021.

CCCE Energy Programs are aimed at locally reducing GHG emissions in the three sectors which emit the most emissions: transportation, buildings and agriculture, as well as additional efforts to improve regional energy resiliency. By providing incentives to electrify infrastructure, equipment and everyday resources used by residential, commercial and agricultural customers, CCCE is making the greatest impact possible and making resources available to all types of customers. For more information about CCCE Energy Program funding, please visit 3CEnergy.org/energy-programs/

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