Central Coast Community Energy Helping Schools Replace Fossil Fueled Buses with Zero Emission Electric School Buses

Central Coast Community Energy Helping Schools Replace Fossil Fueled Buses with Zero Emission Electric School Buses

$2.2 Million Earmarked for CCCE’s Second School Bus Electrification Program Supporting Cleaner Transportation for Local Schools

Central Coast, CA. July 27, 2021Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) today announced the launch of its second program incentivizing the purchase of electric buses for local public schools and school districts. CCCE will contribute up to $200,000 for each school bus (up to 50% of the cost) for at least 11 school buses which will bring the total school buses funded in part by CCCE to 17. The online application will go live July 27, 2021, at 10 a.m. for schools and school districts served by CCCE and located within the CCCE service area spanning from Santa Cruz County to Santa Barbara County.

CCCE intends to achieve environmental benefits while energizing local public schools to upgrade their fleets and help bridge socioeconomic gaps by prioritizing disadvantaged and low-income communities for this program. The Electric School Bus Program provides school districts with an opportunity to replace fossil fuel-powered school buses with clean-running electric buses, reducing maintenance costs and improving local air quality while facilitating educational opportunities for students to learn about the benefits of electric vehicles.

“Electrifying school buses is an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the Central Coast by supporting our local students and schools.” shared CCCE CEO, Tom Habashi. “This program is in alignment with our transportation electrification efforts to improve air quality locally, especially for our community’s students.”

The Electric School Bus Program is intended to reduce local GHG emissions from school buses, and eliminate harmful pollutants emitted by buses in close proximity to students by providing a total of $2.2 million in incentives for all-electric school buses throughout the Central Coast Community Energy service area. Applicants in the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties may benefit from additional funding through the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control Districts which, together with CCCE funding, may cover close to 100% of a school’s electric school bus purchase in those counties. closer to 100%.

“Central Coast Community Energy is excited to fund electric school buses throughout the Central Coast,” shares CCCE Energy Programs Director, Jon Griesser. “Our funding in combination with southern Central Coast APCD funding will allow schools to accelerate the adoption of electric school buses and provide students with clean transportation and educational opportunities around the benefits of electrification.”

CCCE is also providing rebates for EV charging stations and associated electrical work under the Charge Your Ride program incentivizing chargers and electrical work for homeowners, multi-family properties, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers in addition to schools which are considered public agency accounts. Public agencies and income-qualified sites such as low-income multi-unit dwellings are eligible for the largest rebate amount, up to $10,000 or up to 100% of the project cost. CCCE’s Charge Your Ride program is available through September 30, 2021, while the Electric School Bus Program will remain available until funds are depleted.

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