CCAs Can Play a Role in Cleaner Energy Future

California’s policymakers are acting aggressively to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in an era of federal regression of such policies.

The state’s rapid transition away from fossil fuels has resulted in it achieving its 2020 GHG goals four years earlier than legislative mandates, while supporting a growing economy. The upcoming Global Climate Action Summit this September in San Francisco will showcase California’s clean-energy innovation on the world stage, including the role of community choice aggregators.

Current forecasts show that CCAs, behind-the-meter solar and direct-access providers will serve 85 percent of California’s retail load by 2025. At the same time, there is a rapid transition away from fossil fuels for power generation.

California is experiencing the growing pains associated with any major market transition, but these issues can be addressed by increasing dialogue and collaboration among policymakers and load-serving entities.

As Californians address these challenges together, we should keep the following in mind so the state can continue to be a global leader in combating climate change, prioritizing social equity, ensuring reliability and fostering innovation.

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