Campbell and Los Altos Hills Representatives Elected to Lead Local Energy Agency

Campbell and Los Altos Hills Representatives Elected to Lead Local Energy Agency

SV Clean Energy Board Names New Chair and Vice Chair

Sunnyvale, Calif. – On Jan. 12 the Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) Board of Directors elected a new chair and vice chair to one-year terms. For 2022, Campbell Councilmember Liz Gibbons will serve as chair, and Los Altos Hills Mayor George Tyson will serve as vice chair.

Liz Gibbons has been serving as a Campbell Councilmember since 2014 and served as Mayor in 2017 and 2021. Chair Gibbons is a founding board member of SVCE and served as vice chair in 2021, Chair Gibbons has also served as a director and member of the agency’s Executive Committee since 2016. As a LEED-certified architect, Chair Gibbons offers expertise in the planning and execution of all-electric building and decarbonization programs and initiatives.

“So much has been accomplished since Silicon Valley Clean Energy was formed in 2016. The agency has exceeded its 2021 GHG reduction goals, while providing clean energy at a cost savings for our constituents,” said Chair Gibbons. “I support recent board actions to develop programs to further the successful strategy to decarbonize the built environment, and I look forward to bringing my experience and excitement to the organization in 2022.”

George Tyson is the Mayor of Los Altos Hills and has served as a Councilmember since 2018. Vice Chair Tyson was an alternate director on the SVCE Board of Directors in 2019 and served as a director in 2020 and 2021. He also served on the Audit and Executive committees. Vice Chair Tyson’s background in chemical engineering offers additional expertise to the SVCE Board of Directors, as the agency continues to explore renewable energy and battery storage options to advance local and state energy goals.

“I am eager to serve SV Clean Energy on behalf of Los Altos Hills and support the agency as it continues to provide reliable, affordable, clean energy,” said Vice Chair Tyson. “Our communities show leadership by prioritizing clean power and innovative technology to further reduce dependence on fossil fuels.”

SVCE is governed by a board of directors comprised of one elected representative from each member community. Board meetings are open to the public and held virtually on the second Wednesday of the month. For more information about SVCE board meetings, visit:

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Silicon Valley Clean Energy is a not-for-profit, community-owned agency providing clean electricity from renewable and carbon-free sources to more than 270,000 residential and commercial customers in 13 Santa Clara County jurisdictions. As a public agency, net revenues are returned to the community to keep rates competitive and promote clean energy programs. Silicon Valley Clean Energy is advancing innovative solutions to fight climate change by decarbonizing the grid, transportation, and buildings. Learn more at

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