California community energy group picks esVolta for 15MW / 60MWh battery project

Energy Storage News

Utility-scale energy storage project developer / owner esVolta will execute a 15MW / 60MWh battery project to serve California cities that have formed their own ‘community choice’ energy supplier.

California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice), is one of the US’ Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) municipal energy supply groups. A handful of states in the country allow for local governments to procure their power while remaining connected to the transmission and distribution networks of utility companies.

In the case of CalChoice, this means that local authorities in four cities and one town within the service area of investor-owned utility Southern California Edison (SCE) have the freedom to set their own energy mix while also benefiting from the reliability of being connected to the grid.

Like a much larger utility entity would, CalChoice files an integrated resource plan (IRP), which sets out its strategic goals over a long-term (usually 10-year) period, with the state regulator, the California Public Utilities Commission. CalChoice’s currently-in-place IRP sets out ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals of 0.102 MMT or less by 2030 and in 2018 put forward a model energy portfolio for achieving this.

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