California community choice aggregators seek rehearing

Community choice entities and advocates in California have filed a petition asking the state’s Public Utilities Commission to revise its decision on the exit fee customers have to pay when departing from investor-owned utility service.

The California Community Choice Association, along with CleanPowerSF and Solana Energy Alliance, are asking the PUC to rehear its October 11 decision on the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment, or PCIA, that investor-owned utilities charge community choice aggregation and other departing load customers to compensate for electricity generation built or contracted in the past at prices that are now above market.

Several other parties have also petitioned the PUC for rehearing on the PCIA decision, including California Large Energy Consumers Association and the Direct Access Customer Coalition, Shell North America, and a joint application by Peninsula Clean Energy, Sonoma Clean Power Authority and Marin Clean Energy.

In the California Community Choice Association filing, the community choice entities say the PUC’s decision will result in a “sharp increase in PCIA rates” for community choice customers and may make it uneconomic to launch new community choice entities.

“The PCIA decision fails to ensure equitable treatment of all market participants in California,” Beth Vaughan, executive director of the California Community Choice Association, said in a statement. “It favors incumbent utilities by shifting costs, including recovery of shareholder returns, from IOU bundled customers to CCA customers.”

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