CalChoice & TerraVerde Partner on Solar & Battery Programs in Southern California

CalChoice & TerraVerde Partner on Solar & Battery Programs in Southern California

October 11, 2021– The California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) and TerraVerde Energy are teaming up to bring an innovative solar & battery program to several communities in Southern California.

CalChoice is a Joint Powers Authority that provides Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) support services to several member cities, including the Town of Apple Valley, the City of Baldwin Park, the City of Lancaster, the City of Pico Rivera, the City of Pomona, the City of Rancho Mirage, the City of San Jacinto, and the City of Santa Barbara.

By strategically deploying safe, innovative battery energy storage systems, CalChoice intends to increase local energy reliability and resiliency. Additionally, the program will help support ongoing efforts to provide customers an affordable portfolio of clean energy options. The program will primarily focus on delivering dispatchable systems to large commercial and industrial customers, local government agencies offering critical resiliency and/or emergency services, small and medium commercial customers and net energy metering customers. Secondarily, the program will focus on offering energy storage programming to residential customers. This summer, CalChoice administered a competitive process looking for qualified firms to bring forward their proposals for customer programs that could increase local resiliency, enhance CalChoice’s load management & decarbonization strategies, while supporting statewide efforts to improve overall grid health. As a result of this process, CalChoice has selected TerraVerde Energy as their program partner.

TerraVerde is an independent consulting firm that supports CCAs and other public agencies with developing energy projects and programs. Over the past 12 years, they have developed over $500 million worth of energy projects on behalf of their clients, including more than 150 megawatts of distributed solar & battery systems. Their innovative Distributed Power Purchase Agreement Program uniquely aligns CCA and customer interests on behind-the-meter solar & battery projects, which provide financial benefits to both CCAs & customers while enhancing local sustainability, increasing energy resiliency, and meeting critical needs of the electric grid. Over the coming months, TerraVerde & CalChoice will be working together with each of these member cities to engage customers and develop projects. Learn more about this program in TerraVerde’s recent article The Distributed PPA Program for CCAs.

“CalChoice’s partnership with TerraVerde is a significant milestone in our efforts to bring distributed energy resources to our member communities,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “TerraVerde’s knowledge and experience is unmatched when it comes to designing DER programs for CCAs. We are proud to have them as a partner.”

“TerraVerde Energy is thrilled to partner with CalChoice and each of their Member CCAs on the Distributed PPA Program,” said David Burdick, Executive Vice President of TerraVerde Energy. “Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as solar PV and battery energy storage systems play a vital role in driving toward the future of cleaner, cheaper, more reliable electricity. And this Distributed PPA Program is a massive step in the direction of unlocking the value of these technologies through an innovative partnership between Community Choice Energy Agencies and their customers.”

About CalChoice

CalChoice is a California Joint Powers Authority (“JPA”) that provides Community Choice Aggregation (“CCA”) support services, which include energy portfolio management, power procurement and trading, settlements and invoice validations, regulatory compliance, regulatory advocacy, financial and accounting, and rate-setting support functions. Furthermore, CalChoice provides a turn-key CCA offering to other city-specific CCA programs. Learn More at

About TerraVerde Energy

TerraVerde is a leading independent energy consulting firm that supports Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) in designing and deploying Distributed Energy Resource programs that leverage energy technologies such as solar PV, battery energy storage, electric vehicle chargers, and smart thermostats. Through these programs, CCAs and their customers can enjoy benefits including reduced energy costs, increased power reliability and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. TerraVerde provides data-driven program design, effective program development, and effective program administration services that deliver the strongest outcomes for CCAs and their customers. Learn more at