CalCCA submits letter to Gov. Newsom on “strike force” report, offers recommendations for improving reliability of California’s energy market

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The California Community Choice Association (CalCCA) shared a letter with Gov. Newsom and legislative leaders today in response to the April report of the Governor’s Strike Force on Wildfires and Climate Change—providing a series of detailed recommendations for improving reliability of electricity service, reducing risk associated with investor-owned utility (IOU) operations, and making communities more resilient in the face of catastrophic wildfires.

“Transformations are occurring at literally every level of the state’s electric sector—and in the next few months, the Governor and Legislature will be wrestling with every single one of them,” said Beth Vaughan, executive director of CalCCA. “In our letter, we’ve shared our views on what’s happening in the market, the growing role CCAs are playing to provide safe, reliable, affordable, green energy—and the regulatory and legislative changes we believe are necessary to keep the lights on, protect ratepayers and fire victims, and ensure we have the clean energy system California will need to thrive.”

Download CalCCA’s letter here. And please share with your local partners and your representatives in the Legislature. (To find your member, click here.)

With the administration considering major reforms to the electricity sector in the wake of the PG&E bankruptcy, the CalCCA letter encourages the governor to take three key steps in this legislative session:

1. Ensure reliability in a decarbonized future: CalCCA has developed detailed recommendations for reforming existing reliability policies, such as the Resource Adequacy Program and Integrated Resource Planning Process, establishing a default central buyer for reliability, consistent with CalCCA’s proposed Central Reliability Authority, and establishing a policy to transition away from fossil resources for reliability.

2. Let utilities shed risk through a transition to public energy providers: CalCCA encourages the Governor to establish a formal pathway for-profit utilities can take to exit from electric generation services, transition their customers to public power providers, and right-size their remaining energy portfolios.

3. Address catastrophic wildfire risk in the electric sector: CalCCA offers a series of proposals for improving coordination between IOUs, CCAs, and communities impacted by wildfires, while also addressing the significant reliability issues caused by planned power shutoffs. Finally, CalCCA encourages the Governor and Legislature to enact strong organizational reforms to refocus utilities on the pressing challenge of infrastructure safety and wildfire risk mitigation.

With so many of these issues already being debated in the Legislature and regulatory agencies, we’re going to need your help to ensure every community has safe, reliable, affordable, and renewable energy choices.

Read CalCCA’s full recommendations by clicking here —and please share with your networks today!

About CalCCA
Launched in 2016, the California Community Choice Association (CalCCA) represents California’s community choice electricity providers before the state Legislature and at regulatory agencies, advocating for a level playing field and opposing policies that unfairly discriminate against CCAs and their customers. There are currently 19 operational CCA programs in California serving approximately 10 million customers.

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