Affordable Clean Energy Systems For Low-Income Families


Recently, the folks at East Bay Community Energy got to thinking about expanding its services, the better to deliver on its mission: buying clean energy and transmitting it via PG&E infrastructure to communities across the East Bay.

With that in mind, the four-year-old not-for-profit public agency reached out to BlocPower, a Brooklyn-based company formed in 2014 that retrofits buildings in low-income communities with emission-reducing solar panels and other technology.

The result: a just-announced program for low-to-moderate income single-family households already served by EBCE, aimed at electrifying 60 homes in EBCE’s service territory. That includes installing clean heating, cooling and hot water systems, and electric appliances. The goal is to reduce indoor air pollution, improve health outcomes and boost both home values and the ability to withstand extreme weather events.

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