San José Clean Energy, EDP Renewables Sign Long-term Agreement for 100 MW of Solar and 10 MW of Battery Storage

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San José Clean Energy, EDP Renewables Sign Long-term Agreement for 100 MW of Solar and 10 MW of Battery Storage

SJCE’s first agreement will help meet San José’s climate goals and accelerate renewable energy in  California

SAN JOSE, Calif. August 7, 2019 – Today, San José Clean Energy (SJCE) and EDP Renewables SA (EDPR), through its fully owned subsidiary EDP Renewables North America LLC (EDPR NA), signed a 20-year  power purchase agreement (PPA) for 100 megawatts (MW) of new solar energy and 10 MW of battery  storage at the Sonrisa Solar Park in Fresno County, California. The project is anticipated to be  operational in 2022.

This long-term agreement is the first of many SJCE expects to sign to meet customer demand for  renewable energy, which will total 2,000 GWh annually by 2022. SJCE serves more than 328,000
residential and business customers and has a high participation rate (98.6%).

“100 MW of solar energy will enable San José Clean Energy to power nearly 36,000 homes each year  with clean electricity—the same impact as removing more than 871,000 cars from our city’s roads,”  said Mayor Sam Liccardo. “Today’s investment will avoid more than 4.1 million tons of greenhouse  gases from our air, bringing us another step closer towards meeting the aggressive emission  reduction targets defined in our Climate Smart San José plan and securing a sustainable future for  our community.”

Operated by the Community Energy Department, SJCE is San José’s Community Choice Aggregator (CCA).  Through Community Choice, local governments like the City of San José buy electricity from cleaner  sources, while the investor-owned utility (PG&E, for San José) continues to deliver the electricity  over their transmission and distribution infrastructure.

“A long-term PPA produces power at a lower price than short-term contracts, so SJCE will see our  operational costs decrease,” said Lori Mitchell, Community Energy Department Director. “Because  SJCE is a government agency, these savings will be reinvested into our community through lower  rates and community programs – instead of going to shareholders. This agreement is a win for the environment, a win for our ratepayers, and a win for San José.”

The Sonrisa Solar Park will be EDPR’s first North American project to include both solar energy and  battery storage. The project will bring economic benefits to the state by way of jobs, landowner  and tax payments, and money spent in local communities. With battery storage, solar energy can be generated during the day and distributed during the evening peak hours.

“Energy storage plays an important role in creating a more flexible and reliable grid system, and  as storage technology progresses, EDPR will continue to pursue the inclusion of storage at
additional projects within our portfolio,” said Miguel Prado, EDP Renewables North America CEO.  “EDP Renewables is pleased to contribute to the increasing amount of clean power in California and  aid SJCE in meeting its customers’ call for clean, emission-free energy.”

SJCE joins another local CCA East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) in purchasing energy from EDPR’s  Sonrisa Solar Park, as announced on June 20, 2019. EDPR’s agreements with SJCE and EBCE will enable  200 MW of solar and 40 MW of storage to be constructed at the project. Collaborating on power  purchase agreements creates planning and economic efficiencies. CCAs are driving California’s clean energy future: in total, the CPUC projects that CCAs will contract for more than 10,000 MW of new renewable resources by 2030, compared to 1,000 MW pledged by California investor-owned utilities.

The agreement with EDPR reflects SJCE’s financial stability and growing financial resources. SJCE  leveraged its $1 billion buying authority from the San José City Council.

“By empowering San José Clean Energy to manage our city’s power supply, we’re expanding our  residents’ and business’ access to renewable energy, while also shrinking their utility bills,”
added Mayor Liccardo.

SJCE’s default power mix GreenSource includes 45% renewable energy – 6% more than PG&E’s standard  mix – at 1% lower rates. Customers can upgrade to SJCE TotalGreen service to receive 100% renewable  energy. Nearly 1,000 customers have upgraded to TotalGreen.

“Renewable energy prices have fallen drastically over the last years, to the point that the average  total cost to build and operate renewables is often lower than fossil fuels,” said Jeanne Solé,
Community Energy Deputy Director of Power Resources Management. “We’re excited to take advantage of  these low prices and to include storage in our project to maximize the value of the solar  generation for our customers and improve grid reliability.”

Increasing the amount of renewable and carbon-free energy powering San José is a key component of  Climate Smart San José, the city’s climate action plan. The goal is to provide San José with 100%  carbon-free power by 2021 and 100% renewable power by 2050.

About the City of San José

With more than one million residents, San José is one of the most diverse large cities in the  United States and is Northern California’s largest city and the 10th largest city in the nation.
San José’s transformation into a global innovation center has resulted in one of the largest  concentrations of technology companies and expertise in the world. In 2011, the City adopted  Envision San José 2040, a long-term growth plan that sets forth a vision and a comprehensive road  map to guide the City’s anticipated growth through the year 2040.

About the Community Energy Department

San José Clean Energy is the new electricity generation service provider for residents and  businesses in the City of San José, operated by the City’s Community Energy Department. Governed by
the San José City Council, it provides over 328,000 residential and commercial electricity customers with cleaner,  lower carbon power options at competitive prices, from sources like solar, wind and hydropower. For  more information, please visit

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About EDP Renewables North America

EDP Renewables North America LLC (“EDPR NA”) and its subsidiaries develop, construct, own, and  operate wind farms and solar parks throughout North America. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with  48 wind farms, five solar parks, and 13 regional and development offices across North America, EDPR  NA has developed more than 6,700 megawatts (MW) and operates more than 6,100 MW of renewable energy  projects. EDP Renewables is a wind and solar energy industries leader in California. The company’s  footprint in the state includes three phases of the Rising Tree Wind Farm in Kern County as well as  two phases of the Lone Valley Solar Park in San Bernardino County. These projects produce enough  clean electricity to annually power more than 101,000 average California homes. EDPR NA is owned by  EDP Renováveis, S.A. (EDPR). For more information, visit

About EDP Renewables

EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR) is a global leader in the renewable energy sector and the world’s  fourth-largest wind energy producer. With a sound development pipeline, first class assets, and  market- leading operating capacity, EDPR has undergone exceptional development in recent years and  is currently present in 14 markets (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Greece, Italy,  Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, the UK, and the U.S.). Energias de Portugal, S.A.  (“EDP”), the principal shareholder of EDPR, is a global energy company and a leader in value  creation, innovation, and sustainability. EDP has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 12 consecutive years. For further information, visit

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