Community Choice Aggregation in California Best Practices and Operational Models

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) gives residents and businesses an opportunity to purchase electricity from local government agencies, and gives local governments the authority to manage energy resources on behalf of their communities and customers.  CCAs can provide many environmental, social, and economic benefits to California communities.  Central to the concept of CCA is local choice. CCA allows customers to choose between energy providers and service options, such as renewable energy products. It gives communities themselves the power to make choices about energy resource portfolios and investments, both within and from outside their local service area. It also empowers communities to reinvest locally with programs that address economic, social and environmental justice goals.

Learning From One Another

New CCAs can mitigate risk and ensure best practices by learning from the experiences of operational CCA programs and organizations. Communities investigating whether to create a CCA may be able to avoid problems and identify opportunities by understanding the business strategies and lessons learned from existing CCA programs in the State.